Getting started is always the hardest part about doing a project, but thankfully as a group we were able to pull through and get some momentum going. The momentum’s been picking up so well that we’re actually ahead of schedule!

We all agreed to create a WordPress page for this course and so far it’s been working out very well. Posts look organized, clean, and streamlined to our liking. Viewers of our page wanting to know more about the world of social media and its tools will be pleased to see our useful reviews, recommendations, and insights relevant to this course. With updated content coming in on a weekly basis, it’s a great way to find current information for our readers. To continue doing consistent updates for our blog, we have each decided to do two recommendations per week (eight total per week).

The way we defined PLN (Personal Learning Network) and Curation were through Google searches. Through these links we were able to get a better understanding of what a PLN and Curation are and then put it in our own words through our WordPress blog. Here are some of the links that we referred to:


So how are we managing to do all of this for our blog on a weekly basis? With the use of Google Drive we have been able to communicate and collaborate on what we want to do for this course. Providing feedback, suggestions, and notes within each other through Google Drive have helped us out tremendously. If we were missing someone due to a team member being sick for class, we are able to all hop on Google Drive since it provides real-time chatting and documentation. We have also created a schedule with individual tasks to help us on what we each need to provide for our blog. Google Drive has so far been a tremendously useful tool for us.

Here are the posts written by us in the past week and a half:

What to Expect…
What is a PLN and Curation?
PLN: Resource Recommendations
PLN: Resource Recommendations – Just the Nuts & Bolts
App Review: Flipboard
Tech Bandwagon in Classrooms
App Review: WhatsApp
Tool Recommendation: Engadget (smartphones, browsers)
Resource Recommender: Mashable
Resource Recommender: Google Drive
Tool Recommendation: Pulse (iOS, Android, browsers)
Tool Recommendation: Fetchnotes (iOS, Android, browsers)
Curation: Resource Recommender – The Right & Wrong Way
Curation: Resource Recommender – Replace Noise with Clarity!
Google+ Receives a Negative Review
Tool Recommendation: Engadget (smartphones, browsers)