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Here are the rejections from my journey through mind mapping!


Although this website reviews great tools available for mac. All of them cost money…. not exactly what I want to recommend to an audience of college students. Pencil and paper are much more affordable.


While the message in this article is important. College students don’t bother to read it. The article has no graphics to support claims, the text blends into the background and the blocks of text are intimidating. If I were doing research on mind maps, this article would not get me excited.


This web article does give you good start with a list of mind mapping apps. However, most apps are paid and not many of my audience members want to pay a single dime for a feature on their iPad or iPhone. There is only one free app and the reviews are simply a skeleton version of what the app store says to sell an app. Overall this website provides no real world reviews of these apps, it’s just a collection of icons and ideas.


Most of these applications are paid or limited versions. These versions only allow you to make 3 or 5 mind maps maximum. There are also many links to websites that do not work anymore. It is really frustrating and wastes precious time that college students don’t have.


This article is redundant and recommends the same mind mapping applications that I have already researched. Not many applications are available for mobile devices and none of these allowed images to be added into the mind map.